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Renate Hammond

Renate Hammond


Renate Hammond


Before moving to England in 2000 Renate Hammond lived in Germany, being both an artist and organiser of art exhibitions.


In 1984 she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg (Germany).


The author Wolf Eismann once wrote: “Renate Hammond’s paintings are, in the first place, not directed at those observers who consider themselves so called art experts and who are therefore mostly particularly concerned. Rather, they are meant for those people willing to be shocked, amused or disgusted by discovering something about themselves or others. One thing is always certain. Her sujets leave no one cold and that is the main thing, or is it not?


Renate Hammond is inspired by real images. Abstraction occurs rather in the subtle and therefore overdrawn perfidy of the chosen object. Satire is her tool of choice and has its roots in the tradition of ‘New Realism’, which after the First World War in Germany developed as an opposition to Cubism and Expressionism.


The most important representatives of this style: George Grosz and Otto Dix, whose biting socially and politically critical anecdotes depicted the metropolitan world – poverty, violence, war and death – in bitter and aggressive scenes that were artistically overdrawn. In Renate Hammond’s paintings one can, without a doubt, discover a relationship to figures of the famous paragons. Above that, she maintains her own personal style, for in her pictures; people and their absurd and self indulgent characteristics serve as the focal element."


Renate Hammond is a painter with numerous national and international exhibitions of her own art work and taking part regularly at the Biennial of Humour and Satire in Gabrovo (Bulgaria).


In 2008 Renate Hammond founded a visual arts project providing a platform for humour in contemporary art.


Renate Hammond lives and works in Folkestone, Kent.



1978 - 1984            Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg, Germany (Graduate)

1973 - 1977            Fachhochschule GESTALTUNG in Nuremberg, Germany (Design Diploma)

Renate Hammond

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