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Guest Appearance 2019
Artists and their friends invite you to the Fürth Art Weekend
26 and 27 October 2019
Saturday 15:00 - 21:00 o'clock
Sunday   11:00 - 18:00 o'clock

Art-Agency Hammond, Atelier Renate Hammond

Jakobinenstr. 24, 90762 Fürth, Germany

Past Exhibition

©Renate Hammond: FLOWER AMIDST TOPPERS, 2013, Oil on paper, 50 x 60 cm


Kensington Town Hall
Hornton Street, Kensington, London W8 7NX
03.02. - 04.02.2018

Vernissage: 02.02.2018


Past Exhibitions


24. Kunstpreis der Nürnberger Nachrichten


Königstraße 93, Nuremberg, Germany
 27.07. - 11.09.2016

Vernissage: 24.07.2016


Renate Hammond

©Renate Hammond: FLOWER AMIDST TOPPERS, 2013, Oil on paper, 50 x 60 cm

Kunstverein Kulmbach e.V., Obere Stadt 10, 95326 Kulmbach, Germany



7 aus dem Verein I aufgebrochen

Kunstverein Kulmbach e.V.

Obere Stadtgalerie & Historisches Badhaus

95326 Kulmbach, Germany

19.02. - 03.04.2016

Vernissage: 19.02.2016


Renate Hammond

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Frankenpost, 24.02.2016, RAINER UNGER


The Bathhouse in the South Seas


" Aufgebrochen " - this is the title of the new exhibition of the Art Society Kulmbach. Seven artists show a section of their broad oeuvre.

Kulmbach - In the exhibition series "7 from the association" members of the Art Society Kulmbach showing their art in the historic Badhaus and in the Oberen Stadtgalerie until April 3. "Aufgebrochen" is the theme of this year's exhibition and is a colourful and varied insight into the world of art.


On entering the first floor of the Badhaus, one is confronted by the unusual colourful but also provocative paintings of Renate Hammond who, lives in Folkestone, less than a hundred kilometers from central London. "Room for Humour" is her creed and so the content of the oil paintings is partly of biting mockery. The artist was born in Auerbach (Oberpfalz), studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg and started in 1979 in Fürth her first gallery and subsequently worked as a freelance artist and gallery owner. She has been living in England since the year 2000.


Her works are characterised by strong, almost garish colours. "Otto Dix was my role model even as I was studying " she revealed. Her images often contain irony, nasty satire and biting social criticism. Two adjacent hanging works show a person eating a pig's head, and a pig consuming a human head. It was London that inspired her to paint these two images, the city's super rich, in the reigns of capitalism, she revealed.


Renate Hammond not only paints humorous pictures, she also buys them and has already put together a nice collection, she says. Her goal is to open in London a private museum with the theme "Room for Humour".


The exhibition "Aufgebrochen" can be viewed till April 3. The Badhaus is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 13h to 17h, the Obere Stadtgalerie on Saturday and Sunday from 13h to 17h.


Before moving to England in 2000 Renate Hammond lived in Germany, being both an artist and organiser of art exhibitions. She lives and works in Dover, Kent. [more...]


Text by Wolf Eismann about Renate Hammond. [more...]

Art Work

Renate Hammond's work shows life satirically and has its roots in the tradition of German painters like Beckmann, Dix and Grosz. [more...]


1978 - 1984    Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg, Germany (Graduate)

1973 - 1977    Fachhochschule GESTALTUNG in Nuremberg, Germany (Design Diploma)

room for humour

Renate Hammond is founder of, a visual arts project specialising in the representation of humour in contemporary art. [more…]


Renate Hammond is represented by

Art-Agency Hammond

City-Center Fürth

Königstr. 112

90762 Fürth


Renate Hammond

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